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How Fox host Todd Starnes reacts to Obama’s offering condolences to shooting victim Michael Brown’s family on Tuesday.

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He just did it right there in front of everyone.

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Ellen had to do a huge favor for a good friend of hers during the show today. We’d like to thank Michelle’s husband for taking the time to talk with us!

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you dont have to agree with his policies but you have to admit hes the coolest president weve had ever

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this actually happened

Don’t you love how reporters love to forget what their jobs are and like to attempt to put things in people’s mouths?

epitome of “da fuck?”

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Ladies and gentlemen… I present something beautiful from Bill Nye’s facebook

they LITERALLY JUST TOOK a SELFIE. the president a scientist and an engineer literally just took a SELFIE together. im so done. bye. im going to mars.

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my president, ya’ll.

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In the waiting room of the Health Center today, I watched Obama sign an executive order to raise minimum wage for federal contractors to 10.10 and then called to action the congress and senate to pass the bill to make this a country-wide mandate. 

I was nearly brought to tears.

I don’t have a good reason why. Maybe it’s because after making min wage this summer, I realized how impossible it was to live on. Maybe it’s because now that I’m making a few dollars more at the library, it’s immeasurably easier to save more to put to my ever-increasing college tuition. It could also be the fact that my mother was the ONLY one of her siblings to go to college, and now as a single parent she works insane hours to help me get a better education then what she received. It’s also probably because some of my best friends in the world are from families that are dependent on min wage to survive.

It’s definitely because some of the best people I know don’t have heat this winter. It’s because my family comes from blue-collar, trailer-living, bustin-our-asses-bottom-to-the-top beginnings, and hell, some of us are still there. It’s that unspoken agreement to not comment on how cold the apartment is or how little food is in the fridge.

Raising min wage will not hurt the debt or the economy; it’ll do the opposite. it’ll increase the quality of life, raise spending, and pull people out of poverty. It’ll do immeasurable good to the whole community.

So contact your local representatives. Talk about raising min wage. Now is the time to do it! The bill is on the table for a nation-wide min wage raise; it’s within reach and could save millions of people. 

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